What drives Kirk Cameron

Whether he’s claiming atheists have no morals or he’s trying to prevent same-sex couples from getting married, TV’s Kirk Cameron does so with the excuse that he’s working for god. We’re not so sure he’s acting out of pure love for his maniacal deity so we’ve developed this quiz to see what you think. Post your answers on facebook. Best answer wins unapologetic atheist swag.

I believe in god

Most people say they believe in some form of magical deity, but do they really? You know grandma wants you to believe. You know your pastor would be very upset with you if you said you didn’t believe. Mom and dad might write you out of the will if you tell them your true feelings about the occultism you were raised with. But, is it really worth living the lie? Is it really worth lying to yourself and your children?

Just remember, you know there is no god and you are not alone.

Tyrannizing the world, one defenseless minority at a time!

How does preventing someone from doing something that does not harm you in any way fall under the idea of “liberty and justice for all?”

1. The “god” character did not write the U.S. Constitution.2. Mythological texts, when used as legal documents, are only applicable to their adherents — your magic and fairies have no power in the realm of the non-theist.3. Marriage is not an institution, it is millions of separate partnerships with none owing allegiance, dependence or existence to one another. The success of your marriage is no more dependent upon the success of your neighbors than is the size of your belly dependent upon what your neighbor eats. But, such is life among the apocalyptic occultists.aua

Religion is the ultimate in sophistry

Religion, like any communicable disease, requires hosts to survive.

Religion is the world’s longest running game of telephone. It requires the telling and retelling of myths or it cannot survive. As large, imposing and destructive as religion has been throughout history, it is so fragile that a few critical thoughts can raze it.

Is God a moral monster?

Urge your Christian friends to get a restraining order against their abusive overlord before it’s too late!

“Is God a Moral Monster?” asks Christian apologist author Paul Copan. Yes, the Christian god character is a wicked monster. This book’s focus is to explain why atheists are wrong when they argue the god character Yahweh is an immoral, vain, short-tempered, jealous, petty, murderous shit.
Instead, Copan argues that god’s jealousy is akin to the jealousy a husband feels when his wife is flirting with another man — I wish I was making this up.

Copan goes on to say Abraham and god weren’t really behaving as raving lunatics when they decided to gut Isaac as a means to prove Abraham’s loyalty to god. Copan says Abraham was so sure god either wasn’t really going to make him go through with it or that if he did kill his son, god would simply regenerate Isaac back into being. This begs the question then, if god knows everything how did he not know Abraham knew it was bullshit? And, if Abraham knew it was a trick, then it wasn’t really a test of his faith.

All in all the points made in the book are moot since we know this is all mythology. However, if you want some insight into just how far an apologist will go to try and make the cesspool bible seem like a good and moral document, be sure to check this out.


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