An unapologetic atheist

www.anunapologeticatheist.com is an informational site focused on presenting the unabridged truth about religion in an accessible and often humorous way. The site is operated by two colleagues and life-long friends who write under the respective pseudonyms of “an unapologetic atheist” (lower case letters intended) and Godless Neanderthal. Our main goal is to work toward fairness and liberty for all people including those who do not choose to believe in deity or engage in magic worship. Our godless brethren — and even many moderate religious folks — have, for far too long, been victims of the tyrannical dogmatists who seek not peace and equality, but social slavery and economic dominion. An unapologetic atheist is a lifelong seeker of truth and justice and has worked as a professional journalist for a decade for numerous daily, weekly and monthly publications. Godless Neanderthal has worked for years as a freelance writer for magazines and newspapers, and is currently working on a book about the true meaning of Christ in Christianity.
An unapologetic atheist was raised by parents who pushed neither religion or anti-religion upon him during his formative years, a fact which has given an unapologetic atheist a unique perspective on life in these United States of theocratic America. Since most religions require their adherents to perform or support immoral, dangerous, backward and sometimes criminal deeds and regulations, an unapologetic atheist seeks to educate others on the moral superiority of simply choosing not to believe in or follow said dogmas. An unapologetic atheist is not “The” unapologetic atheist because he is quite certain he is not the first person to use the term to describe himself and this unapologetic atheist should not be confused with any other unapologetic atheist. While the creator, contributor and editor of this website www.unapologeticatheist.com is technically an atheist by its very definition, he does not seek to join clubs, organizations or parties created to bring together other atheists. The idea that an unapologetic atheist has anything, necessarily, in common with other atheists except for the fact that they do not choose to believe in or worship magic is a stretch at least and potentially false at worst. Two people who choose not to believe in a thing are no more, necessarily, alike than are two people who do not collect stamps or five people who do not listen to jazz or a million people who do not like cheese.

A little more about me, just for the record: I am not a so-called “closeted atheist.” My Christian wife and children know of my beliefs as I have never been silent on them. My wife and I knew each other’s beliefs before we married and have had 18 years of good marriage regardless of our beliefs. I appear on a regional AM radio station once per week to discuss news items that have appeared in the newspaper I own, and the subject of my non-belief arises occasionally. All articles posted on this website are the complete works of “an unapologetic atheist” or “Godless Neanderthal” and are labeled as such unless otherwise specified. All artwork and photos are creations and property of “an unapologetic atheist” unless otherwise specified. We understand there is nothing physically stopping you from taking the words we write or the memes we create and using them for your own purposes, we do request you first ask and receive permission before doing so. Any reproduction of any of our copyrighted or trademarked work products discovered in any form or venue that has not received permission will be subject to swift legal action to the extent allowed by law. So, it’s much easier to ask if you can re-run something we wrote or created because we generally say “yes.”



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