The Moral Superiority of Atheism … it’s not what you think

This week’s excerpt from the new book “The Moral Superiority of Atheism: A Guide to Un-Apologetics” is eponymously titled “The Moral Superiority of Atheism.”

People have been quick to make assumptions about just what this book entails because–rightly so–its central thesis is outrageous and certainly unheard of until now.

“The Moral Superiority of Atheism” sets out to prove what has been true all along: that all men obtain their morality from the same source; that humans are more apt to find their most moral selves when free of the destructive, unethical and ignorant bonds of religion.

The man who follows his natural atheistic morality is closer to the path of goodness than is the man squirming in the recesses of unnatural theistic tenets. That is not to say atheists are automatically better than religious people. But, without religion, they simply have one less hurdle–an immense hurdle at that–between them and morality.

Remember, religious people who ignore the immoral aspects of their religion because they know it is wrong to follow such wickedness have already tapped the natural atheistic morality that exists in their brain.

I look forward to comments and questions on this week’s excerpt.

Aim above morality. Be not simply good, be good for something.” —Henry David Thoreau

The Moral Superiority of Atheism

The world abounds with platitudes, solipsism and sanctimony, and it is a popular argument for the ruling class to say life is meaningless and humans are prone to degeneracy without the existence of gods.

In fact, many theists say life without God is worthless to the point that all things are permitted and morality has no place. Why, according to the occultist, murder, rape, thievery, molestation, incest and genocide are mere hobbies absent a grand arbiter of ethics. Though this popular notion is errant in the minds of most atheists and even some believers, it is a stance ascribed to by the majority of religious people. Morality, religionists say, comes from gods; no gods, no morality.

Despite recent polling data claiming more and more young people are shunning their organized religion in lieu of other considerations, religion is here to stay. Unlike my colleagues, some of whom seem to think humans will evolve their way out of superstition, I am convinced that even false righteousness, when so derived from consensus, is too strong a phenomenon for the masses to resist.

One cannot rationalize the irrational mind, but if magic worshipers insist upon qualifying the sole existence of their so-called morality through religion then they must be held to account for the overwhelming immoral aspects of their dogma.

The fact is humans were born into this world with no concept of deity. But, due to the imaginative nature of the human brain, ignorance, superstition and psychological maladies there was created the perfect environment for ghosts, goblins, demons and gods to be formed.

The fact is humans have, over many thousands of years, developed a complex system of morals and ethics which have guided the species from primeval fracas to civilization, scientific advances and massive reductions in worldwide suffering.

The fact is most magic-based codes for living are counter-intuitive to the harmless aspects of human nature, devastating to the weaker among us and prone to governance by egomaniacs with zero empathy and genocidal tendencies.

The fact is secular people exhibit far higher levels of selflessness, compassion, peaceful coexistence and equality.

The fact is religion can transform a perfectly moral person into a dependent, selfish, irresponsible tribal minion whose mind is under the bewitchment of magic’s earthbound henchmen.

All of us are born free of religion’s “mind-forged manacles,” and we are healthier for it. The few of us able to abscond such treachery in our formative years are faced with a lifetime of reticent indignation over what we know to be true or, for those who simply cannot remain silent, we are often castigated and marginalized as freak occurrences among a populace that overwhelmingly believes in magic.

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