Religious advertisements allowed on Pennsylvania buses, but atheists denied

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This is discriminatory, as religious groups are routinely granted advertising space, and there have even been religious messages scrolling across the buses message boards, which normally designate things like routes and destinations.

Atheist attacked by Muslim … and Judge Mark Martin blames the victim

During the court proceedings the judge asks the victim why he chose to dress as Muhammad and the victim responded that the Koran (Qur’an) says Mohammed rose from the dead to which the Judge Mark Martin responds that he “should try reading the Koran (Qur’an) sometime.”

It is very unfortunate that a judge anywhere, especially in America, would lecture an American citizen on what the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution does and does not allow as it pertains to free speech.

The alleged attacker Talaag Elbayomy told the judge he did not make any physical contact with the alleged victim. Elbayomy’s defense attorney said it’s illegal to do what Perce did in Elbayomy’s country, so it’s OK that he did what he did.

The Pennsylvania judge Mark Martin told victim Ernest Perce that to mock, jibe, joke about, ridicule or otherwise defame or satire Islam, Muhammad (Mohammed), or Allah is illegal in some Islamic countries — and can be punished by death. This charge of apostasy is not illegal in America. The United States of America has strict protections of free speech and free expression.

However, this American Judge Mark Martin has violated the First Amendment of the Constitution by not only protecting an American citizen who attempted to exercise his freedom, but by admonishing Mr. Perce for committing no crime but seeking to express himself.

The alleged attacker Talaag Elbayomy said he was shocked because he did not blieve what he saw. His 9-year-old son and wife was with him. He said he has taught his children to be respectful of all other people’s religions — apparently his respect for religion does not extend to a respect for the free speech of others.

“I told him you need to stop doing that it’s ridiculous,” said the attacker, who said he was so nervous he called 944 the first time because he forgot that “911” is the emergency number.
The  alleged attacker Talaag Elbayomy thought it was against the law in America to satire or defame Islam and its assorted mythological characters.

The alleged attacker Talaag Elbayomy said he would have done the same thing if Perce would have made fun of Jesus or any other mythological religious character. 

alleged attacker Talaag Elbayomy had told police the night of the alleged incident that he did initiate physical contact with the alleged victim.

The police said Elbayomy told them he entered the parade route with the intent of putting a stop to perce’s actions.
Fact: Why did Judge Mark Martin challenge Perce to show him where it says in the Koran (Qur’an) where Mohammed walked among the dead?

Fact: Why did Judge Mark Martin say it is punishable by death to engage in apostasy and satire of Islam in other countries.

Fact: Why did Judge Mark Martin say there is a “big difference between how Americans practice Christianity … Islam is not just their culture it’s their essence their very being. They pray five times a day toward Mecca.”
Fact: Why did Judge Mark Martin tell the victim Perce that good Muslims must travel to Mecca before they die?
Fact: Judge Mark Martin said, “What you’ve done is you’ve completely trashed their essence, their being. They find it very very very offensive. I’m a Muslim, I find it offensive.”
He then told Perce that he is “way outside” his First Amendment rights.

Judge Mark Martin said, “This is why we are referred to as ‘ugly Americans.'”

Why did Judge Martin say Americans are only concerned with what they get to say and don’t care about what others get to say?

The truth of this matter is the right of Americans to express themselves is under attack every time someone claims there is such a thing as “hate speech” or “offense” to religion.

Taking offense at something is a choice. Often times, when someone takes offense at something they engage in what psychologists call “covert aggression.” This is how people can appear on the surface to be victims all the while they are attacking others in an attempt to stifle their expression, to control their minds and bodies and to ultimately gain as much power as possible.

Listen to the audio for the full secret court recording to hear the Pennsylvanian Judge Mark Martin make a mockery of the U.S. Constitution.

Ernest Perce was attacked by a Muslim while dressed as zombie muhammed in a Halloween parade.

Youtube now removing videos labeled as “religiously offensive”

The latest step toward censoring the expression and speech is which has now begun flagging and pulling videos because the oppressive and tyrannical muslims are protesting against youtube in order to have them removed. There is no such thing as “hate speech” and there is no such thing as offending someone. People choose to be offended. The Islamic followers who say they are offended when Muslims or Islam or Allah or Mohammad are critized or mocked, that it is a crime in their society — this is one of the many ways they tyrannize humans, by controlling the speech and expression of peoples worldwide. All free-thinking peoples of all societies must rise together to stop this effort to silence dissent.

Shit atheists say

Faith is not evidence

She certainly reinforces our faith … in good genetics!


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